Custom Blending

We have the ability to produce almost any blend you need. From flour-based breading for poultry or fish, to seasoning mixes or even Margarita mix, we can do it all!

We can recreate your current recipe if you know the blend or we can reverse engineer your recipe! Likewise, our research and development team can create the perfect recipe for your product – from scratch. If you simply have an idea in mind for your own unique recipe, get in touch with us and we will find a way to make it happen!

PFS Blends Where Consistency Matters Breading and Blending 2

This makes PFS Blends perfect for chain stores, restaurants or suppliers who want to keep their brand and even use their own products but simply need a delicious breading that everyone knows is a hit right to your store! You keep your branding while we supply the amazing breading to make it a hit!

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