Our Facility

Our Facility

In order to provide our customers the highest quality product on the market, we’ve designed and built a state-of-the-art blending facility in Holts Summit, MO.

Our facility includes a fully automatic flour delivery system, complete with two 80,000-pound exterior silos and a roof-mounted receiver, which are fully programmable and operated with a single, high-tech push button keypad.

With our blending capabilities, a simple push of a button is all our blending operator needs to do to select the recipe our customer wants and regulate how much flour is required for the batch size. Our plant’s automated delivery system then measures and distributes exact volumes of flour to the mixer.

Our system also ensures a steady flow of flour to the blending mixer, resulting in more controlled blending and even further improving the consistency of our breading products. A uniquely designed inline sieve and electronic sensors guarantee the highest level of assurance that the breading products we manufacture are safe for consumers and are of the highest quality.

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