Looking for a better breading or blend?
You’re in the right place. We create and provide the highest quality blends at an affordable price.

We specialize in breading, batters, seasoning mixes – and so much more. Looking for blends or mixes for donuts, biscuits, pancake mixes or pizza dough? We’d love to help you develop the perfect recipe.

Not only do we create our own proprietary brands, but we have designed and matched multiple dry blends for numerous grocery chains and food manufacturers. Our research & development team has mastered the art of creating and reverse engineering the perfect blends to your application and we produce them to your specific requirements.

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Ways to work with us:

  • ●  Utilize one of our existing Signature Blends
  • ●  Have your own recipe? Let us blend for you at scale with consistency
  • ●  Utilize our R&D team to develop a recipe from scratch
  • ●  Utilize our R&D team to reverse engineer an existing blend

If you’re looking for co-packing, we can do that too.

No job is too big – or too small! Whether you’re looking for a primary or secondary supplier, we have the flexibility to fit your needs.


We can ship anywhere in the United States efficiently and on time to get you the quality product you need, when you need it! Shipments can be delivered through our PFS Freight division, LTL, or your preferred trucking service.

Stop spending too much on product, we can help reduce costs or replicate your current blend!

Questions? Need a Sample? Contact Us!

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