Our Blends and Custom Breading

What can you produce – just breading?

PFSblends Breading custom blending to custom fish breadingWe have the ability to produce almost any blend you need. From custom blending to custom fish breading, we can recreate your current recipe if you know the blend or we can reverse engineer your recipe! Likewise, our research and development team can create the perfect recipe for your product – from scratch! If you simply have an idea in mind for your own unique breading, get in touch with us and we will find a way to make it happen!

This makes PFS Blends perfect for chain stores who want to keep their brand and even use their own products but simply need a delicious breading that everyone knows is a hit right to your store! You keep your branding while we supply the amazing breading to make it a hit!

What’s your current distribution?

We can ship anywhere in the United States efficiently and on time to get you the quality product you need, when you need it!

Our Signature Breading!

Currently, we produce Champs Chicken Country Breading, Cooper’s Express Coastal Breading, PFS Blends Branded Homestyle Breading, and potato wedge breading. These signature breadings are known around the nation, but we can literally create your own recipe as well! Our R & D team is here to develop your own consistency, color, and flavor!

Champs Country Breading:


The breading used by 500+ Champs Chicken locations. Seasoning includes salt, garlic powder and multiple types of peppers, which are visible in the breading!

Cooper’s Coastal Breading:

Cooper’s Express most popular breading. This reddish orange breading offers a uniquely colored finished product with a slight red pepper bite!